Braiins OS 22.06 on S19j Pro

Very pumped to test @braiins_systems OS+ 22.06 on my S19j Pro BBB. I’ve got (8) nodes running with it and will post updates on how we are hashing.

A gripe I’ve heard (I haven’t been tracking super closely) is the difference between power consumption reported in the BOS+ dashboard and what the ASIC is actually drawing. Luckily I’ve got decent PDU’s that track wattage to each plug so I’ll be able to share findings.

One thing to note is my ASICs are running in an enterprise class datacenter on raised floor. “Raised floor” datacenters pump cool air/cabling under the floors. The Datacenter puts vented floor tiles in front of racks making “cool rows”. Hot air or exhaust vented out above.

My intake rows are around 55° and the humidity is 0. I bring this up because

@braiins_systems published a detailed look at Antminer X19 performance and temperatures. I am in an optimal place for BOS+.

Here are the results post tuning on the S19j Pro 96t. This is a screenshot of my PDU in real-time. You can see the Braiins nodes are cruising on average @ 2816w per machine. Stock FW sitting at 3100w. Again this is at the plug not what’s reported in the dashboard.

Braiins Node .22 is running at 2829w at the PDU. @braiins_systems is reporting the same. You can see this node is cruising at 99.63t.

Braiins Node .61 is running at 2706w at the PDU. @braiins_systems is reporting the same. You can see this node is cruising at 99.42t.

Braiins Node .77 is running at 2915w at the PDU. @braiins_systems is reporting the same. You can see this node is cruising at 101t.

Stock Node .76 is running at 3103w at the PDU generating 98t.

This is less than 24 hours running, so this is not conclusive, but I am very pleased with the results. Planning on slowly rolling out to more nodes over the next week. Thanks to @braiins_systems for the bits and @Tucson_Bitcoin for holding my hand.

After running several days, I can report @braiins_systems BOS+ 22.06 is running very stable AND efficient. Every node I installed the firmware on ran at lower power usage and higher th/s than factory settings.

Here is a screenshot that shows where I have set the power to 3000 watts.

Once 22.06 was installed and stable I recorded the default power and th/s output so I could see what an increase would yield. I increased power from the default 2832w to 3000w which is around 6% increase and it yielded 3.4% average increase in th/s output.

Currently, around 50 nodes are tuning at the increased power settings, 3000w. I will report the findings with the larger sample size later this week.