Moving The Needle On Hashprice

Since no one is making money mining right now (speaking for myself) let’s run some numbers. Hash Price is all the rage right now (in a masochistic way) so what change in BTCUSD is needed to move the needle?

First definitions: TH: terahash, the hashing unit on modern asics Network Hashrate: I am using 24hour network calculated @BitboBTC BTCUSD: price of BTC in USD terms Hash Value: how many sats you earn per 1 TH per day Hash Value: how many dollars you earn per 1 TH per day

Ok so I know this will trigger many chart bois, because I am using 24hour network hashrate for calculations instead of 2016 blocks hashrate, or 30 day, or even the difficulty, to those triggered, make your own chart.

To get hash price it is pretty easy. You cruise over to @BraiinsInsights and they have it beautifully shown. But when bears like @denverbitcoin say things like “Get ready for $0.05 hash price, some of us need some fucking hopium. FUCK BEARS

Note, you will see a difference in my numbers and @BraiinsInsights because I believe they are calculating hash price on 30 day average of hashrate, and I am using 24 hour number.

So back to the original thought process, based on current difficulty where do we start to see a rise and fall in hash price… where do we see

@denverbitcoin‘s bearish $0.05 hash price and my personal dream of > $0.10?

Again, based on 24hour hashrate (235eh/s) and current BTCUSD…

Bears between $10.5k and $11k

Bulls between $21 and $21.5k

So what if you wanted to see what hash price does at different BTCUSD and in a +/- 50% in network hashrate?

  • -50% $0.138
  • -40% $0.129
  • -30% $0.120
  • -20% $0.111
  • -10% $0.101
  • NOW $0.092
  • +10% $0.083
  • +20% $0.074
  • +30% $0.065
  • +40% $0.055
  • +50% $0.046

But what if you wanted to see hash price at $25,000 with a 30% increase in difficulty? That would give us a hash price of $0.078

What if you’re a pleb mining degen with a cool petahash running on your school’s free energy and you want to freebase hopium and know what your daily dollars earned would be based on $50k BTCUSD and a 10% increase in network hashrate? You’d be clocking in ~ $200.97 per day.

But let’s say you are a real bear fucker and live for pain and want to know a real doomsday scenario… how about 50% network hashrate increase and a BTCUSD @ $10k…. congrats, we are at $0.022. GFY and cry.

Feel free to grab a copy of this google sheet for yourself. If I fucked up the numbers (possibility let me know) If you want to tell me why this is dumb and I should be using difficulty, then GFY run it yourself and share the sheet!